Sherin Tanyous

Sherin, you are such a sweetheart! You’re kind and compassionate heart shines through your eyes in the images we captured today. You were a natural with the SERIOUS look and oh….dancing with the flowing scarf was so much fun!

Sherin Tanyous_0337.jpg

Sherin Tanyous_0328.jpg

Sherin Tanyous_0334.jpg

Sherin Tanyous_0340.jpg

Sherin Tanyous_0336.jpg

Sherin Tanyous_0325.jpg

Sherin Tanyous_0329.jpg

Sherin Tanyous_0323.jpg

Sherin Tanyous_0333.jpg

Sherin Tanyous_0327.jpg

Sherin Tanyous_0330.jpg

Sherin Tanyous_0331.jpg

Sherin Tanyous_0338.jpg

Sherin Tanyous_0339.jpg

Sherin Tanyous_0341.jpg

Sherin Tanyous_0342.jpg

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