Matty Steele

Oh Matty you are just beautiful!  I met Matty and her wonderful family when she was in third grade (I was her music teacher).  I can’t believe how the time has flown by.  While attending a family reunion/50th wedding anniversary for my parents in Minnesota, we were able to spend some time with the Steeles and capture these beautiful images of Matty.  She has grown into a lovely young lady.  Matty will be attending Baylor University in Texas.

Matty Steele_0249.jpg

Matty Steele_0248.jpg

Matty Steele_0259.jpg

Matty Steele_0267.jpg

Matty Steele_0269.jpg

Matty Steele_0270.jpg

Matty Steele_0266.jpg

Matty Steele_0261.jpg

Matty Steele_0250.jpg

Matty Steele_0258.jpg

Matty Steele_0257.jpg

Matty Steele_0255.jpg

Matty Steele_0253.jpg

Matty Steele_0252.jpg

Matty Steele_0251.jpg

Matty Steele_0254.jpg

Matty Steele_0256.jpg

Matty Steele_0264.jpg

Matty Steele_0262.jpg

Matty Steele_0263.jpg

Matty Steele_0265.jpg

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