Mathilde Terrasse

We had an amazing day with Mathilde. The location fit this French beauty perfectly! She was so patient while we fought the wind and saved her a couple times from equipment blowing over. Mathilde will be attending Virginia Commonwealth University.

Mathilde Terrasse_0271.jpg

Mathilde Terrasse_0279.jpg

Mathilde Terrasse_0280.jpg

Mathilde Terrasse_0281.jpg

Mathilde Terrasse_0282.jpg

Mathilde Terrasse_0287.jpg

Mathilde Terrasse_0286.jpg

Mathilde Terrasse_0284.jpg

Mathilde Terrasse_0283.jpg

Mathilde Terrasse_0274.jpg

Mathilde Terrasse_0278.jpg

Mathilde Terrasse_0272.jpg

Mathilde Terrasse_0273.jpg

Mathilde Terrasse_0275.jpg

Mathilde Terrasse_0276.jpg

Mathilde Terrasse_0277.jpg

Mathilde Terrasse_0285.jpg

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