Madelyn Wojnisz

Madelyn, you are one beautiful, funny, intelligent young lady! What a great day we had together shooting your Senoir pictures. Good luck at Furman University and maybe you can bring me one of their descriptive sweatshirts….there are days when everyone just needs one LOL!

Madelyn W_0198.jpg

Madelyn W_0201.jpg

Madelyn W_0202.jpg

Madelyn W_0209.jpg

Madelyn W_0206.jpg

Madelyn W_0203.jpg

Madelyn W_0204.jpg

Madelyn W_0197.jpg

Madelyn W_0196.jpg

Madelyn W_0199.jpg

Madelyn W_0200.jpg

Madelyn W_0207.jpg

Madelyn W_0208.jpg

Madelyn W_0210.jpg

Madelyn W_0211.jpg

Madelyn W_0205.jpg

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