Jamie Glass

Extremely cold today! You would never know it though. Jamie was a trooper! We were freezing! Jamie was recovering from surgery, but as you can see she was ROCKIN’ her session!!!!!!! Absolutely Gorgeous. Jamie will be attending the University of Delaware next fall.

Jamie Glass_0223.jpg

Jamie Glass_0237.jpg

Jamie Glass_0245.jpg

Jamie Glass_0243.jpg

Jamie Glass_0241.jpg

Jamie Glass_0239.jpg

Jamie Glass_0231.jpg

Jamie Glass_0232.jpg

Jamie Glass_0233.jpg

Jamie Glass_0236.jpg

Jamie Glass_0229.jpg

Jamie Glass_0238.jpg

Jamie Glass_0240.jpg

Jamie Glass_0230.jpg

Jamie Glass_0234.jpg

Jamie Glass_0244.jpg

Jamie Glass_0246.jpg

Jamie Glass_0235.jpg

Jamie Glass_0212.jpg

Jamie Glass_0213.jpg

Jamie Glass_0218.jpg

Jamie Glass_0222.jpg

Jamie Glass_0221.jpg

Jamie Glass_0220.jpg

Jamie Glass_0214.jpg

Jamie Glass_0215.jpg

Jamie Glass_0224.jpg

Jamie Glass_0225.jpg

Jamie Glass_0226.jpg

Jamie Glass_0216.jpg

Jamie Glass_0227.jpg

Jamie Glass_0228.jpg

Jamie Glass_0242.jpg

Jamie Glass_0247.jpg

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