Creighton Family

Today was a special day. My dear friend Eileen asked me if I would capture some moments for her family, making life long memories. In spite of the snow flurries (BURRRRR), the entire family arrived with all the grandchildren in tow. I had a wonderful time watching the love this family has for one another. Eileen’s parents were a delight, and the cousins had a great time just being cousins.

Creighton Family_0715.jpg

Creighton Family_0716.jpg

Creighton Family_0717.jpg

Creighton Family_0718.jpg

Creighton Family_0719.jpg

Creighton Family_0720.jpg

Creighton Family_0721.jpg

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Creighton Family_0723.jpg

Creighton Family_0724.jpg

Creighton Family_0725.jpg

Creighton Family_0726.jpg

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Creighton Family_0730.jpg

Creighton Family_0731.jpg

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Creighton Family_0735.jpg

Creighton Family_0736.jpg

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Creighton Family_0749.jpg

Creighton Family_0750.jpg

Creighton Family_0751.jpg

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Creighton Family_0753.jpg

Creighton Family_0754.jpg

Creighton Family_0755.jpg

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