Bove sisters

Becky won this photo shoot from a Fine Arts contest. She decided to bring her sisters along and what a great time we had. They laugh A LOT!!!!! Which of course made me laugh. In spite of all the humor, we were able to capture some very special sister moments.

Bove Sisters_0695.jpg

Bove Sisters_0696.jpg

Bove Sisters_0697.jpg

Bove Sisters_0698.jpg

Bove Sisters_0699.jpg

Bove Sisters_0700.jpg

Bove Sisters_0701.jpg

Bove Sisters_0702.jpg

Bove Sisters_0703.jpg

Bove Sisters_0704.jpg

Bove Sisters_0705.jpg

Bove Sisters_0706.jpg

Bove Sisters_0707.jpg

Bove Sisters_0708.jpg

Bove Sisters_0709.jpg

Bove Sisters_0710.jpg

Bove Sisters_0711.jpg

Bove Sisters_0712.jpg

Bove Sisters_0713.jpg

Bove Sisters_0714.jpg

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