Becca Davies

AHHH talk about a sweetie! Becca’s sweet personality makes her super easy to be around. It was chilly this EARLY Sunday morning, but Becca came prepared with her super cute boots and sweater. You will see how much fun we had, she never stopped smiling you might even see her climbing the Sandford sign!  Good luck at Elon Becca.

Becca Davies_0156.jpg

Becca Davies_0160.jpg

Becca Davies_0154.jpg

Becca Davies_0157.jpg

Becca Davies_0163.jpg

Becca Davies_0169.jpg

Becca Davies_0168.jpg

Becca Davies_0165.jpg

Becca Davies_0166.jpg

Becca Davies_0167.jpg

Becca Davies_0164.jpg

Becca Davies_0161.jpg

Becca Davies_0158.jpg

Becca Davies_0162.jpg

Becca Davies_0159.jpg

Becca Davies_0155.jpg

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