Baby Larkin

Baby Larkin is here! Yay! I had a wonderful time with Nicky, Tyler, and Larkin today. And I must say, Larkin was VERY cooperative. I just know he’s going to be an easy child. I think he already sleeps through the night doesn’t he? And to the viewer, I challenge you to view this without smiling….I don’t think it’s possible, enjoy!

Baby Larkin_0421.jpg

Baby Larkin_0422.jpg

Baby Larkin_0415.jpg

Baby Larkin_0446.jpg

Baby Larkin_0441.jpg

Baby Larkin_0443.jpg

Baby Larkin_0437.jpg

Baby Larkin_0427.jpg

Baby Larkin_0417.jpg

Baby Larkin_0414.jpg

Baby Larkin_0435.jpg

Baby Larkin_0439.jpg

Baby Larkin_0445.jpg

Baby Larkin_0436.jpg

Baby Larkin_0424.jpg

Baby Larkin_0426.jpg

Baby Larkin_0444.jpg

Baby Larkin_0429.jpg

Baby Larkin_0420.jpg

Baby Larkin_0419.jpg

Baby Larkin_0416.jpg

Baby Larkin_0431.jpg

Baby Larkin_0440.jpg

Baby Larkin_0438.jpg

Baby Larkin_0434.jpg

Baby Larkin_0432.jpg

Baby Larkin_0433.jpg

Baby Larkin_0418.jpg

Baby Larkin_0425.jpg

Baby Larkin_0423.jpg

Baby Larkin_0430.jpg

Baby Larkin_0442.jpg

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