About Yvonne!

I wake up every morning thankful to be a child of the King, Jesus Christ!  He is the giver of all things. He has blessed me with the most incredible, understanding, (tolerant of me) man in the world!  His name is Craig, better known to me as “Craigie”.  My children are the loves of my life.  Alysson  “Aly”, married to Patrick Copeland, a strength coach, and extremely creative! (She took my headshots- Alysson Copeland Photography). Kirstyn “Sissy”, she’s my nurse and is sooooo funny, clever and witty.  Shayne “Shaynie Dute” heading off to Liberty University, VERY tall 6’8”, even funnier (is that a word?) than Sis, and when they all get together my stomach hurts from laughing!

……sooooo  now that you know who I am,  give me a shout and we can start planning how to create your everlasting memories.  Memories telling a story at key times in your life will bring joy all through you life.