Abby Grange

What a fun evening! Abby climbed trees, splashed in the water, and tromped through the graceful tall grass to get incredible images. My favorite Abby in her little blue car. Abby will be playing field hockey at Queens University of Charlotte!

Abby Grange_0098.jpg

Abby Grange_0106.jpg

Abby Grange_0100.jpg

Abby Grange_0103.jpg

Abby Grange_0112.jpg

Abby Grange_0117.jpg

Abby Grange_0104.jpg

Abby Grange_0119.jpg

Abby Grange_0120.jpg

Abby Grange_0096.jpg

Abby Grange_0101.jpg

Abby Grange_0121.jpg

Abby Grange_0114.jpg

Abby Grange_0113.jpg

Abby Grange_0105.jpg

Abby Grange_0109.jpg

Abby Grange_0122.jpg

Abby Grange_0111.jpg

Abby Grange_0118.jpg

Abby Grange_0115.jpg

Abby Grange_0116.jpg

Abby Grange_0097.jpg

Abby Grange_0099.jpg

Abby Grange_0108.jpg

Abby Grange_0107.jpg

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